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» Training

Training and continuous education are necessary factors for success, and "GROUP 1 SECURITY," a way of life for the company. We believe that the proper training of our employees, we provide a high quality of service.

Some security companies believe that our philosophy when hiring employees, providing it with the appropriate form, its personal qualities, inspection, bodies, even without preparation can be sent to the facility.

"We are GROUP 1 SECURITY" company in terms of a different approach to this issue. Each employee is hired (and considered on an individual basis), his education, knowledge of safety, foreign languages, computer technology information about physical health, military service. Thus, employees are trained before they go to work. This is the responsibility of our training coordinator to train the personnel responsible for conducting the certification.

our goals

Our main goal is to achieve the mentioned below:

• personal development and their potential for increasing access
• In order to increase the effectiveness of the work of staff to work in their relationships, to create positive behavioral changes
• Positive changes in the work of personnel, from knowledge and understanding of the importance for their future and their object
• Improving the quality of the work done,
Modern training center, equipped with training programs, created and updated. The training office is located in the center of Baku, and the main equipment is managed by professional specialists. The latest procedures, information, books and equipment, "GROUP 1 SECURITY"
Organized by the company.
Increase the level of knowledge of their employees with a view to improving the quality of work performed and applied to specific programs.

• Correct selection of employees
• Training (Orientation, education continued)
• Certification (knowledge assessment)
• Recognition (the best remuneration of employees)

learning programs

Employees, managers, project managers, marketing managers, created a special program for "GROUP 1 SECURITY"
, Organized by the company, are:

• Orientation program
• Basic training program
• Validation program Practical knowledge
• Power Safety Program
• Moderate program ambassador
• Career Development Program
• Increase in program management
• Improvement of Program Managers (Project Managers)
• Planning and Documentation Program
• MASTER service management training program
• Technical training
• Customer Service Program
• Monthly meetings

Incentive programs

Our employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we are funding incentive programs. These include:

• Monthly program fee
• Pride Program
• Regional managers
• Award Distinction for managers
. • Everyone who is interested in providing services
• Best employee benefits