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Working with GROUP 1 SECURITY, you choose a partner using the most advanced and high-quality technological developments in the field of Security.
It should be noted that GROUP 1 SECURITY using modern electronic security technologies in its activity is the distributor of world-famous world leaders in the field of electronic equipment.
Throughput control system
The personnel of the department and visitors are passed through the Controlling Checkpoint (KPP). At the checkpoint, the staff of the facility use special ladders, passing through the object through Access Control. Visitors are registered and receive a temporary visitor's badge.
Fire safety
To prevent the occurrence of fire, human fatalities, as well as loss of property during the fire, special equipment is needed to monitor these processes. These are sensors that react to smoke and fire, fire alarm alerts, and much more.
CCTV Direction
Video cameras installed at the checkpoint, on the perimeter and inside of the facilities and shopping centers, car parking and etc. ensure the timely receipt of important information.
CCTV monitoring
Camcorders track all processes on sites and protected areas and provide an opportunity to quickly and control all processes
Comprehensive protection with electronic security
Modern comprehensive protection includes various technical innovations combined into one. Combining the means of video surveillance, fire safety, access control, etc. The company GROUP 1 SECURITY gives the opportunity to combine all the directories to ensure you 100% _y control and protection. Comprehensive protection includes:
- Control of important and significant territories and objects,
- Control over individuals and processes,
- Control over the number of individuals and their activities,
- Control over the means of fire safety and access control,
- Visual-remote check of alarms,
- Voice control and 3G camera and much more.