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Mobile Patrol

Objects, companies, construction sites, plots and facilities located in an isolated location, the territory of a long stretch requires protection and security. You can strengthen the security of your facilities and strengthen the electronic surveillance system by contacting the Mobile System GROUP 1 SECURITY which will perform its work comprehensively and qualitatively! Mobile patrol around the clock carrying out patrolling of the perimeter of the facility fully ensures its safety. The introduction of a mobile patrol system combined with controls and surveillance by our highly qualified employees will give you a sense of confidence and full guarantee of the safety of your facility!
Direction of activity:

- The outside (perimeter, doors and windows),
- Internal side (fire, flood, etc.),
- Checking left electrical equipment,
- Check left park,
- Checking the security at night,
- Checking the security during the day,
- Registration of arriving visitors and their instruction on safety,
- Checking the property of the object.


Timely detection of illegal activities, use of the latest technology, as well as vehicles to prevent penetration of the protected object and detention of violators. This activity covers Business Centers, Residences and Life Support Objects.
Protection of office premises
You and the employees of your office can fully rely on our highly qualified employees. Our employees in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Private Security Activities" of June 21, 2007 passed Special Courses and trainings, which allow them to always be on top of existing requirements.